Golden Girl
Golden girl mib
Princess of the Gemstone Guardians
Gender Female
Homeland Tribe of Desert Nomads
Current Home Palace of Jewels, Argonia
Affiliation Guardians of the Gemstones
Mount Olympia
Skills Swordsmanship, Archery, Athletics

Golden Girl is the leader of the Guardians of the Gemstones, and the Queen of Argonia.

Character Origin

Golden Girl was orphaned as a child, and raised by a nomadic tribe in the desert, far away from Argonia. She was ostracised by her tribe because of her golden hair, and so she learned to become a good fighter to deal with the bullying she experienced from a young age.

One night she had a vision in a dream, in which the Princess Solaria came to her and told her to compete in the Games of Shield, and so Golden Girl travelled for days across the desert. In her travels, she came across a piece of crystal in a cave, and another vision of Solaria told her to keep it. 

As she reached the mountains, Golden Girl rescued Olympia, a unicorn, from an attack by a giant mountain cat by shooting the mountain cat with her arrows. She helped to treat the unicorn's wounds, and she gained his trust, showing her hidden paths through the mountains, until they finally reached the sea, sailing to Argonia together.

The Games of Shield

Golden Girl excelled at the Games of Shield. She came first in the foot race, because of running for miles in the desert as a child. She won the archery contest, because of growing up hunting for food with bows and arrows. She won the wrestling match, the sword duel, and the horse race. Her only close competitor was Dragon Queen - who she defeated in a chariot race, and as such, won the Games of Shield, earning her place as a Guardian of the Gemstones. In defeat, Dragon Queen vowed to have her revenge on not only Golden Girl, but all of Argonia.

The Shield of Stones

Dragon Queen made an Alliance with the Barbarian leader, Ogra, who lead a vicious atack against Argonia. Golden Girl led the Argonian fleet and army against them, rescuing Prince Kroma on her way, but very soon it seemed all hope was lost - soldiers alone could not compete with the magic Dragon Queen had in her power. Calling a secret meeting, the Guardians told Kroma and Golden Girl about the missing gemstone fragment that gave the Shield of Stones it's power. Golden Girl, realising she'd been carrying a gemstone all along, showed it to the Guardians, and placed it into the shield, which immediately flourished with power, as did all the gems in the shields and weapons the Guardians held. 

Defeating the Dragon Queen

Their weapons now edged with magic, the Guardians began battling with the sea serpents controlled by Dragon Queen and led the army against the Barbarians, who began to retreat. Ogra led one last attack against Golden Girl, but she knocked him off his horse, leaving the remaining barbarians to flee in panic. Seeing her armies flee, Dragon Queen disappeared in a flash of lightning, to the safety of her castle on the Storm Isle.

On her triumphant return, Golden Girl took her place as Queen of Argonia, where she ruled as a kind and gentle Queen.

Character Illustrations by Aristides Ruiz


Golden Girl is a 6" doll with blonde hair. Her motif is white and gold.

Her base doll comes with a sword, sword belt, shield, helmet, cape and comb.

Additional Outfits