Firey Champion of the Lightning Bow
Gender Female
Homeland Fire Isle
Current Home Palace of Jewels, Argonia
Affiliation Guardians of the Gemstones
Skills Champion archer
International Names Icons-flag-fr Rubis

Rubee is a member of the Guardian of the Gems, and champion of the Fire Isle in the Games of Stone. She is a champion archer who uses a silver crossbow with fire arrows.


Rubee was born, and grew up, in the Castle of Stone on the Fire Isle. The castle was stormed by Ogra and his Horse Barbarians. The castle was plundered and mostly destroyed. All of her family - including her fraternal twin brother, Garnet - were killed. Rubee survived by hiding in the dungeon until the Horse Barbarians had passed. The dungeons were her favourite place in the castle, and she played there all the time as a child. She leaves the large table in the dining room of the castle permanently set, in memory of her family, with glowing red plates and silver goblets.[1]



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